Wildfire Season

Wildfire season is upon us and we should all pitch in to protect our properties and our community. The single most effective way to do this is by FireSmarting our properties.

FireSmarting doesn’t have to be a lot of work. There are very quick, simple things that can be easily done.

  • Remove all flammable materials from within 3 feet of your buildings.
  • Clean roofs and gutters of leaves and needles.
  • Look for anywhere embers could accumulate. Try to lessen the risk by plugging holes or protecting these areas with fireproof materials.
  • Clean under your decks and porches.
  • To see what else you can do see FireSmart BC.

The Burton Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) can assist you with FireSmarting if needed. It will benefit you and be good practice for their members.