Technology Centre Hours

Sundays from 10:00am-12:00 noon (except holidays).

The technology Centre wants to help people to understand and use the vast array of technology available to us. Technology is creeping into our lives at an alarming rate and can be confusing and daunting to navigate. The Technology Centre is here to help, located upstairs in the Community Hall. Some ways we can help are …

Computer Access

We have computers for use by the general public. Most are loaded with all the software you may need.

Geek Bar

Get the technical help you need. Find answers to questions about computers, hardware, smart phones, and more …


Come in and scan your old photos and documents.

Digitize Movies & Audio

Take old VHS and DVD movies and digitize them to your computer or phone.

Feeling Creative?

If you want to get creative, the Tech Centre has tools for making movies, mixing music, and more …