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Technology Centre

The technology centre will be housed in the Burton Elementary School. It will consist of two workstations which can be used for a variety of digitizing and creativity projects.

Digitization Stations:

The digitization stations include: A ultra high resolution scanner, for pictures and documents of all kinds. Character recognition software to convert scanned documents into editable text. Hardware for converting older analog movie formats to digital video, including VHS and 8mm home movies. It will also convert between various digital formats.

Creativity Stations:

The creativity stations will offer the public an opportunity to take full advantage of their digital media. Photo books, calendars, cards and other products from your photos. Editing and building professional looking movies from digital video. Easy to use publishing software can be used to create a variety fo professional looking documents. Even interactive e-books can be authored on these workstations.

Programs & Learning:

The goal is to “Promote Digital Literacy”, and as such a variety of programs, workshops, classes, and one-on-one coaching will be available to the public so they can learn and take full advantage of this technology.

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