Emergency Planning Session

With the Fires, Floods, Road closures and Power Outages, that have occurred in our province, it is time that the Burton Community put in place a Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Therefore there will be a community meeting on Saturday April 2 at 11am at the Burton Community Hall. The meeting will be led by Jon Jackson, RDCK Emergency Program Coordinator. Jon put together the program and has presented it to numerous other communities.

If you are interested in supporting this or want to know more, please attend and come with your ideas on what risks & hazards could affect you, what equipment (like generators, quads etc) would be needed or you have and what skills or needs you would have in an emergency.

For more info refer to Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program on the RDCK website.

Covid 19 restrictions will follow the Provincial guidelines and a Zoom meeting will also be set up (more details to follow).

Contact Brian Harrop @ 265-3492 for more information.